Sunday, June 8, 2014

Why people are having pain if Karachi is shutdown?

On Tuesday, June 3, around 1:30 pm, as soon as the news of  Altaf Hussein  got arrested in London for money laundering case broke out, the city started shutting down. It was accepted. After all he is self claimed bahi of this city. 

I was signing out of work, when  I over heard one of my admin officer was talking on phone with her husband about some  unrest in the city. He was telling her to come back home as soon as possible. I got some idea. Then in car  my co-worker told me her sister just called her to tell her the news and told her to    get home  as soon as possible.  She further warned  her about the  fear of massive violence as markets in her area  had already shut down.

She dropped me at Joher Chowrangi, from where  I took Chingchi. It was very visible there. I got home and broke that news to my mom and bro. She rushed to grocery shop to buy some stuff with my bro.We did know for how long shops will remain closed like that, so we wanted to store as much as you can. And that is what every one does in time like that.

With in 2 hours whole city  had  been shut down. Markets, road side stalls, patrol pumps, public transport, offices___ all closed.
 Everyone wanted to rush their home. Traffic was jammed in many areas. Three buses and a dozen cars were also set alight in Shafiq Mor and Gulshan-i-Iqbal. One mini bus was set a fire in Shara-e- Faisal.

 In Nazimabad one Rickshaw was set on fire. Other  public transport started disappearing. Intermediate board suspended its scheduled examination.

Not only that,  Karachi railways temporary stalled trains leaving Karachi . Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE-100 index) fell 780 points immediately.

 The Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) demanded that the provincial capital to  handed over city to army.

There was so much panic. The city was in chaos.

The situation  remained like that for two straight days.

MQM's worker staged  a sit-in calling for his release at Numaish Chowrangi and vowed to continue protesting until he was freed.

 It seems like it didn't occur to them it was British police who arrested him, not Pakistani police. It was they who were investigation him from last couple of years, not us. Protesting and shutting down Karachi would not release him. 

And, it didn't. British police took its time and later released him on bail according to British law, after three days.

 When one T.V reporter asked them the same thing while covering the sit in protest,  one of its party politicians, Mr. Haider Rizvi  asked very innocently why people are having pain if Karachi is shutdown? 

Hell, yeah !

Why people are having pain if Karachi is shut down for 2 days for  someone who got  arrested in UK ?

Stupid we, are not?

Seriously, are they outta their mind?

 People were having pain because this  party, its everyday crying, they way they act out,   their way of protest by shutting down the city and strikes is all pain in the ass of normal citizens.

 We live in this city. We have work to do, money to earn.  So many are on daily wages. Partol pums get closed down. Public transporters don't bring their vehicles on roads in this situation. There are patients, and students.Due to that   all routine activities come to a standstill.

This is no way to protest or show any kinda concerned over anything.  This shut down  and bringing city to stand still only makes life difficult for us, and you are asking why someone is having pain?

On Friday, around  12 pm, after two days,  when they finally winded up their protest, Senator Farooq Sattar thanked the public, business community, transporter to show their solidarity with their beloeved leader and  party in this hard time.

Seriously, to whom they are kidding? 


Kindly, don't make us fool.

At least  I ain't buying that they did that voluntarily !

Here people don't want to close anything even at night. They  were just scared of violence. No one wants violence.

We all know what happens  in time like that when something happens to MQM. We all know who comes out and force shop keepers to shut down their shops, stall  and entire market in jiff. We all know who burns vehicles on roads.

 Even UK's consulate in Karachi  wasn't only temporarily closed down in order to save themselves from any reaction of the arrest of Altaf Hussain, they had left for Dubai a day before the arrest. All the roads leading to BHC was blocked by container. The USA consulate also  remained  closed for a day, and you are thanking people for siding with MQM and AH?

Seriously, stop  living in fools paradise.Karachi and its people don't react after hearing such type of news, Party people react.

People  only have fear for their shops,  business, stalls,  vehicles and lives. They don't give a damn about who is dying or who got arrested in UK.

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  1. Oh dear, I hope everything turns out ok. So you can go back to your daily routines.

  2. Oh dear, I hope everything turns out ok.

  3. And on top of all this I read there was an attack on the Karachi Airport. I'm glad to know that you and your family are okay.

  4. Oh my! So much unrest! In situations like these, it is the civilians who suffer no matter who-so-ever is responsible for it. :(

  5. When he got arrested,the news channel was saying things like Karachi's people are bewildered and offended at his arrest.My mama said to my father:yeh inko itna pyaar hai ALtaf Hussain se?
    Abu answered:Yeh logo ko kiya musibt pri hai unki to jaan phsai hui in MQM walo ne.

    Felt really sad for karachi.May Allah Bless it with prosperity:(<3

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