Thursday, August 28, 2014

Christine Cosmetic Pakistan

To me it is actually the quality of a product which matters a lot. And finding original good quality cosmetic product, local or international, in a   reasonable price is not that easy here. Either good quality international cosmetic products are outta my range, or most of the times  I have no idea about the cosmetic products on which I am paying out  my hard earn money  are really original or copied.

Local products are not much and their quality is not that good either.

In this scenario, Christine is one best local product which gives you original good quality product in a reasonable price.

I have used their compact powder, and eye pen liner. Currently I am using their;

  •  Lip sticks: Shocking Eve, Shanon Rose and Evening Burnt.
  •  Loose face powder: Peach
  •  Nail paints: Aqua and maroon
  •  Waterproof  mascara in black, professional paint stick no. 36, and  glitter eye pencil. 

Their Lip sticks and mascara are super awesome, they stay longer.  Other product  are also satisfying. Just that their paint stick and compact powder are too matte and kinda dry. Maybe I feel like that due to  using glossy stuff  for so long.


  1. I'm not qualified to discuss lady make-up but I will say that you look great in all the pictures I've seen of you.

  2. Totally agree with you, I really like its lip pencils and powder its good.

  3. Looks like great products dear!


  4. I am sure you look great with or without makeup!

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