Sunday, August 17, 2014

Good heart.

Faizan and I were talking about someone. He said she has a good heart and he usually sees one's heart.

 I  can't see anyone's heart. It is technically impossible. Heart is an internal organ. How can he sees it, I have no idea?

I usually don't see anything in anyone. I take people as they are no matter what. No need to show off anything to me either. If I like you, I will ! If not, then not! But still if I have to see something in someone it is  his/her's  #manners (Ikhalak).

 To me manners matter. Don't like me, OK cool, na ! I can deal with it. No need to show your generosity, no need to treat me goody goody good. Just be civilized, show manners and bye !


  1. So true, good manners are so important.

  2. Well said! Its all about your manners.


  3. Frequently I confuse "heart" with "soul"...since a radiologist can take X-Ray and "see" a heart, nobody has ever claimed to "see" a soul. I suspect--but do NOT "know"--that God Who made it all, can see what lurks in the heart--AND the soul!

    You have said it WELL, Ifrah, and in far fewer words than the so-called SMART Peeps.

  4. Manners are very important and often reveal more than a person says.

  5. Some people seem to see inside people's heart. I can't.
    I look at manners. I look at how people are, how people share and love.
    Take care dear. xx

  6. Ha ha, Ifrah! Like that attitude of 'calling a spade a spade':)