Monday, August 11, 2014

These days.......

I am having  some serious Shalwar Kameez  shortage. School has started, and there is no go to work  SK out fit left  in my wardrobe to wear. I wore all of them in Ramadan Now only some home  600 Rs/- walay  one lawn and one cotton suits are there, and one and only Eid dress, which I have worn for  some 4 times so far, other two have  started looking so craggy. Tots unable to wear at work. S was looking at like I have gone nuts when I wore my orange and lemon colored SZ  on Monday.

Ready made stuff from stores  is bit expensive, and not that much good esp their material. Their material is linnan fabric which one can wear for four to five time, and fater wash they are home wear, however whether whatever fabric they are, they are   best option for me at this moment. Actually, it is always my mom who  makes my Sk, so  that  creativity of making it, buying matching dupttas, collecting  laces and pieces to create a master pieces, could never caught on in me.

Today I bought two jeans, two Kurti(tops), one pink colored embroidered unstitched  suit piece. :)

This means now I have total 5 SK suits.

So Happy.

My school  started from August 4, but students will come back to school from 15, so these days  I am just making display broads (1  done),  class room boards (3 from which 2 are done!), and decorating the door (in progress). Haven't started writing up syllabus coverages, syllabus break-up and planner at all.

Please these boards and door decoration are not my thing.  I hate them. It is taking all my time. And they are useless. Students don't give a hoot about them this much as.

These days on my way to school there are three puppies with their mother. They are so fucking adorable.I wish they were mine or  have enough space to adopt them and give them a loving home.

These days, I'm  eating so such Shahai Ass Pas (chocolate pan masala) 7 to 10 in  a day.God save me !


  1. Always interesting to see your life, I hope you can see some of mine as well

  2. Haven't seen any pictures from you in a while. It would be nice to see what your world looks like. Take care.

  3. Eid Mubarak Izdiher!- belated! Hope you had a good Eid
    Work lothng shortage is a pain!..but at them moment I am unemployed :-( I'm praying I find a job soon!
    yeah decorating borads and doors for classrooms is not my thing either l uckily I teach adults usually but may have to work in aschool this year..
    You might wanna google templates off the internet and just print em off. make your life easier

  4. HAPPY that you found time to write a short piece on blog. Is there reason why you "hate"
    board-and-door decorating? Consider...could it be that you are perfectionist?
    I just now created this Axiom: "Perfectionists are seldom perfect!"--grin!
    You write well, Ifrah!

  5. So have fun til the kids return back to classes, Ifrah!

  6. And do it starts again, all these things you have to do that your future students have no idea about.