Saturday, August 16, 2014

Waiting for Monday.

Friday was the first day of new academic year  in my school.

Because it was Friday,  many parents didn't send their kids to school. They might all be thinking of sending them to school from Monday onwards. Only one student was there in my class. I send him to grade 3 where there were 2 other students.

This turned out actually good for me. I  got more time to finalized  syllabus coverage, syllabus breakup, and  lesson planning and handed in to principal.

So excited for Monday !

Hope everyone shows up :).


  1. Reading this post reminded me of my school days! But our school imposed a hefty fine on students who didn't show up on the first day of the new academic year.. Pretty strict..
    Anyway.. I wanted to say that you are doing a great job. I respect teachers a lot, for their dedication, patience and for the role they play in shaping the children's future :) Keep up the good work :)

    A teacher's job is pretty appealing to me. Sometimes I wonder if I could be one too.. But then I will need to get a Diploma in Education or Bachelor in Education :p Too lazy to study!

  2. Enjoy monday!


  3. I bet they show up on Monday, but not all of them will be happy about it.

  4. My comment got lost? Will try again. Ifrah, YOUR students will enjoy their days with YOU as teacher--I remember all the work you did for their "Education-with-Fun" last year...

    Your excitement for Monday I share, b/c you have a wonderful attitude and outlook on life to share with them. They really are eager to succeed as YOU are to watch them learn where to go for information, how to find what they need in this modern age of knowledge. PEACE and LIGHT, Ifrah. Your FRIEND, Steve in Naples, Florida USA

  5. Lucky them having a kind, thoughtful, caring and enlightened teacher. I am sure you will all have a great time.

  6. Hope all went well for your first day Izdiher!