Tuesday, August 12, 2014


 I am sure you must have had heard  desi parents  saying, "We are earning for our (kids' education) and daughters' marriages."

Isn't it sad?

Working hard for  marriage? Is this that hard? 

Like, yeah education is important and not free, but getting married is supposed to be the easiest thing (after you have found your better half). Yes, some can afford it, but not all. To many, it is a big responsibility and burden.

Desi parents first work hard for their kids' education, then despite being relax and enjoying their lives, they get more worried about their weddings rather than marriage. They save at least up to 5 laks for even the most simplest wedding aj kay door mein. Our weddings last for at least 3 days, you can understand the expenses.

 Their responsibility is not lavish weddings ta ka log kuch na kahein. They did a lot for us. Now we should be mature enough to understand the current economic situation, unnecessary burden on our parents and even on us, and  go for some small/intimate wedding of close friends and family instead of organizing a country  fair of 300 plus  people.


  1. So true and so sad and simply put. I love when you say "they get more worried about their weddings rather than marriage..." It's ridiculous.
    Izdiher, is it for both the son and daughter's wedding?

  2. Well said Ifrah. Leave room for enjoyment rather than worry!

  3. In theatre it is ALL FOR THE SHOW! Doesn't matter what is back-stage turmoils.

    In LIFE...F'K the show...what is lived ""BEHIND all the fancy scenery is what really matters!

  4. Well said; I heartly agree with that (y)

  5. Here in America, you can get Married for 50 dollars!! HAHAHA!! Some people think that the only thing that matters is table ware, choice of wine and dress.. but marriage really is so much more than that. People really should be more mindful. Especially the ones who throw their million dollar weddings away the second the going gets tough. Then it's on to the next million dollar wedding.. It's sad.

  6. If more people thought like you Izdiher the world would be a better place
    Like it isn't hard to enough to find the right person as it is...people have to make it harder by making weddings into a celebrity like affair just to show-off. Don't people get it, these'people will talk either way ... whether you a have a nice intimate gathering of close family and friends that actually wish you well and love you they will say you are poor/stingy etc etc. and if you do have the big wedding they will be jealous and criticise everything from the clothes to the venue food and decor and lets not forget the choice of the bride/groom..

  7. I second you on this. Rather than spending money on organizing the wedding, it should be saved for the life after the wedding. :)

  8. Some even took huge personal loan just for engagement party.So imagine how much they are spending for wedding? Too me wedding need to be as simple as possible and the more important is the life after wedding exactly like Sui's opinio.