Thursday, September 4, 2014

Being on time.

As this is a kick off of  new academic year and its  only been 2 weeks since school  started, there  is nothing much to discusses study wise with parents,  at a moment. But there are few other stuffs   which I think are very important and needed to be discuss as soon as possible. So I invited all them  for  orientation meeting at the same time.

I gave them the time of 10 am, however no one was on time.

 I know being late  is our national trait.

Being late is something we think  chalta hai. It is  OK.

To be honest it is not OK at all. They didn't bother to realized I was waiting for them at 10am.   And how can they or anyone would bother when we take being on time  for granted.

They should have known that they are parents, and when they would not be timely, how  their kids would  know the value of time and importance of being punctual?

Parents are role models, aren't they?

 Point to be noted, this post is not about parenting.

 Meanwhile discussing issues like home work, being regular,  getting more involve with kids, reducing t.v time, taking kids for out door activities as much as possible, importance of books and reading (another thing which we Pakistani don't bother much), I also told them to don't involve their  kids in religious, political and family matters in that 20 minutes session.

 This is not fair to kids.

This is not their duty or responsibility either.

  Esp in Pakistani context where  religious and social  gatherings/ events go on till late night, it is  kids who suffer the most  next day at school. Those who take leaves, suffer more in the process of catching up with other kids. Teacher wouldn't stop or repeat the whole lesson gain for just one student.  Parents are adults and used to it, maybe these kids would get used to it too eventually, still it is kids who suffer.

 It is parents' responsibility to make make sure school, home work and studies  must be top prioritizes of their child, not late night religious events and social gathering.


  1. So true. Children need good rest and good guidance!

  2. So true. The last time I was in Spain I saw families out walking about at eleven o'clock at night. I couldn't help wondering how those kids got up for school.

  3. and I thought, we, Filipinos are the best at being late. haha. If you tell Pinoys to come at 8, they'll arrive at 9, which I am not used to. I end up being too early on meetings and the like. >_< even tho i arrive a little bit late, i will still be most punctual. lol

    yeah, it is indeed true that the kids will definitely suffer. parents should take them into account. after all, Islam asks them to give their best to their children.

  4. I agree with you Izdiher - about keeping time and about how many parents seem to involve their kids in their own social /religious/ political activities. Even kids as young as 6-7 months are taken out to social gatherings which may end up late. And being late is also a Malaysian trait!

  5. Time prob doesn't matter in the scope of Eternal thinking. However, it certainly DOES matter in civilization where we live with others and depend on them, as they also depend on us. Attributes of a cultural nature are not without ever an ending. Eventually, everything changes in human dealings, as in nature itself, the Universe--. Changes, all within a Divine Plan So, in time, people will pay more attention to "time" much time, time will cease to is what I believe.

    If being late
    is a national trait,
    when or why
    did YOU deviate?

    In U.S. if you "late on the job"
    you don't "stay on the job"
    In fact MANY people feel SO GUILTY when they are late that they speed on highway and kill themselves and others, all for the sake of being "on time"...
    (Hey, maybe "being late" is not too bad after ALL? HA HA HA HA!)

    As Defensive Driving Teacher I used to tell: If you LEAVE LATE, plan to ARRIVE late!!!

  6. The need for punctuality is seldom felt in this part of the subcontinent, Ifrah:(

  7. I have to use public transport, it is always late and full of aggression. Yesterday the driver argued with at least four people and the chavs were fighting each other, he even sped off leaving us passengers half way down the stairs waiting to leave. Someone punched his glass divide (to stop people spitting on him) so it cracked they were so annoyed.

    All bus journeys are like this i say khamsa fee ainak to stop bad luck each journey.

    And today teenagers were so energized, i think its the sugar drinks they sell here 'monster' 'rampage' their so strong, full of caffeine. I bet diet has something to do with lateness.

    Parents must be difficult to deal with, they are so hostile to teachers it seems from the things i have read.