Saturday, October 4, 2014

Happy Eid Al Adha(2014)

Eid Mubarak to all those who are  celebrating  Big Eid a.k.a Eid Al Adha today. Here in Pakistan, it is on October 6.

So many animals have  arrived in cattle markets from rural areas, getting pampered to scarifies for the sake of Allah.

 I took  few pics of the animals which are  in my apartment for sacrifice. There are many other too, masha'Allah like goats and sheep, however people mostly prefer  to sacrifice cows because   7 people can take part in it (and in camels as well)

It is kids  who are having so much fun. They are spending their days and nights with their animals or even with their neighbors' animals.

 I am not complaining, but this is a residential area,  3 to 5 rooms flat in a  a city, a metropolitan city, where we are so called urban peeps, but right now the whole flat is stinking.

Funny thing is that no one is having any issue with the smell, dirt and dang which is almost everywhere.

If Eid Al -Adha is what we think is doing for Allah only, we should also not forget "Cleanliness is half of Faith (Eemaan)" too. It looks like only our Sabir ..the sweeper guy is the one who is taking care of other people's animal mess.

 There are also road side tents/shops  for animal's food and decoration.

My dress and jewelry  which I bought yesterday  from the Millennium Mall.

That dress cost me 1800 Rs/-and ear rings (jumka) was for 150 Rs/- only.


  1. Happy Eid Al Hadra.

    I don't understand your religion. I'm probably asking a dumb question so forgive me but what is the thing with sacrificing the animals? I'm not a religious person so there is a lot I don't understand. In fact I went to a Catholic wedding last weekend and there was quite a bit I didn't get there too.

  2. I imagine the smell can get rather strong. I noticed this at times in India.

  3. HEY...Sacrificing animals is not big thing...You do it in front of God and everyone--WE do it in private "slaughter-houses" but nobody sees, until a fine dinner is set before them to enjoy.

    Photos were great for me to see and learn a little about our cultural differences.

    Pretty dress RA 1800, in USD is $30...although your dress would prob cost $250-$300, especially if it were well made from a fine fashion store. That cost is MINIMUM.

    You have superior taste in clothes, color matching and jewelry (jumka)...those would cost same as a large HERSHEY BAR, about $2.50...

    Thanks, my friend, for this VERY interesting post! TTYL8R...

  4. I don't mean to insult. I was just wondering what's the meaning and purpose?

  5. I do not know the proper greeting, but I wish the best for your holy day

  6. I am sorry Izzy and I don't mean to offend you personally but I cannot understand a religion where innocent animals have to be sacrificed in such a cruel way.

  7. I am not into sacrifices for religion, however I am a meat eater. It interests me though that the animals are treated so well by all?

    I really like the beautiful colors of your dress, very vibrant.

    May your celebrations go well and with joy in your heart.

  8. Eid mubarak dear!! I hope you had a great day!


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