Monday, November 17, 2014

Dr. Matt Taylor's cool shirt.

Anyone on this planet earth  doesn't care if  Dr. Matt Taylor, one of the  Rosetta mission scientists  landed the Philae spacecraft on a moving comet,  4 billion miles  away from earth after 10 years of hard work, but feels  that pin up women in bondage gear with guns in their hands, posing  on his   Hawaiian shirt (made by a   female artist frind for his birthday) is  sexist and ostracizing  was just over reacting, trolling, harassing, bulling, and humiliating.

 What else?

What was so noble  behind all that shirt storm?

 What was so offensive about that shirt? 

Why it hurt few peoples' butt?

Was it  telling the world that,  "that scientist"  is misogynist, or if nothing personal just that any one who wears such type of shirts  are misogynist and their sole purpose is to  objectifying women?

 Or any scientist who wear such shirt is against  women who want to study science and being scientists?

 Or  he wore that intentionally  to send  a message to women out there that  science world is for men only, ladies stay outta it ? 

Or it was an inappropriate attire for big events like comet landing event?

 First thing, people who started that shirt storm don't know him personally. So calling him or anyone without knowing misogynist  is so low. 

What actually happened that they  just noticed the half naked women posing on  his colorful shirt  and  tweeted. 
It  spread like wildfire. Bulling started. 

Other empty heads hop on the wagon of feminism and started  bulling  him day and night   for something about which no one gave a fuck about. Dragged him in the kangaroo court of social media.

During the  live ESA broadcast on Friday his hands were literally trembling as he was apologizing  and in the end he broke down in tears.
“I have made a big mistake. I have offended people and I am sorry about this.

Dr. Matt Taylor did not make any mistake and he did not offend a single soul with his cool shirt. His shirt was not making any statement. He did not make any sexist joke. The  It was just a shirt.A cool shirt. And people will remember it as Dr. Matt Taylor cool shirt.  
His shirt was just shirt and shirts give no signals to anyone. Some people can over react over small things and good in making a mountain outta mole hill. Nothing else. 

Don't tell me it  was giving a single of no women are not  allowed  in science club. His boss is female for your information. There are other women scientists who are working in  the European Space Agency and NASA.  

   Calm your  tits !

 To me his only mistake was apologizing.

I would never apologize for being me.

That public apology was forced.

Only one who should be  sorry  should be those people  who   bullied and  humiliated him, and made him cry in front of the whole world.

And more importantly we have no right to ask or tell what a scientist should  wear during a comet landing event.

 He is not answerable to us.

 He doesn't work in any office, bank or school where he should be careful for his outfits, fashion taste,  and tats. He is an astrophysicist, a space scientist   and has no obligation to wear any specific dress code for your kind information. His boss would never sack him for wearing inappropriate  shirts or having tats.In science world it doesn't matter.

In science world it doesn't matter whetear you are women or men. His boss is a women. There must be other female scientist working in ESA and NASA.

That shirt was his choice and we have no right to turn that great day and all the achievement in to a shirt storm because it offended feminazi.

So we should kindly shut up about it.

Problem with the  western feminists is that they have nothing much left to fight for.

They live in a developed world where they don't have  to take permission to study, to go out, to marry the person they want to marry, to work what and  whatever they want to work, like women from other part of the world take.

There must be some issues, no doubt, however his  cool shirt is of none of them.

there are  a lot of people from all around the world who  respect you for what you do.Sorry you had to face such criticism for being you.

There are  a lot of people who think you are one  coolest scientist and love your style.  Keep rocking dude and cheers !


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