Friday, January 16, 2015


It's  around 1 pm,  a cold and windy noon of  January  and I am about to have my lunch just after I turn off this  computer. Right now I am typing this from lib's computer. In my deptt, everyone is working and no comp is free. K doesn't mind much in letting me to sit on his desk or use his pc  until I don't get mine own stuff. Thanks to him. But it doesn't mean I ask him to get up when I have to work.

There are a lot of work I gotta do actually. Course outline, lesson plan and preparing my lectures as well.

New work scenario  is OK. I am taking my  time o adjust here. I wish this space and pc  issue resolve as soon as possible. For me, having a proper space to do anything is very important.

OK, I am so hungry now. Have done my work, used Facebook as much as I wanted. Talk later.


  1. Happy New Year, dear!
    Hope you love your new job..

  2. Have fun... and tell more about the new job!

  3. A new job? Hope all goes better than your wildest dreams!

  4. Oh, I hope you will have your own space asap!! Goodluck.


  5. Almost every kind of change is difficult. Think "caterpillar to butterfly" or "baby in womb to baby outside of, crying and hungry"! And then I think, Ifrah, from hger comfy short-hour job, to job far from home, NO space, NO computer...yes, change happens slowly. The only time it becomes unbearable is when my EXPECTATIONS exceed reality. PEACE, Ifrah, and with kindness and love of all creatures, accept your changes as they occur, and be happy for what you have.

    BTW, I have horrible time with "change". :-)

  6. New changes are disturbing to me.. I take some time to adjust to the new place.
    Eventually things gets normal though.
    Good luck Ifrah :)

  7. lol, just cover for the cold. I AM FOLLOWING YOUR BLOG, PLEASE FOLLOW BACK.