Thursday, February 26, 2015

Something is cooking.

Something is  cooking.

I saw all four of them standing  together in  K's cubic, whispering. And when I entered they all stalled their khuserphuser.


Were  they talking  about me?

Actually, to be honest, I am the only one who creates problems, and do things which no one likes,  who doesn't know how to behave, who is illiterate, non-professional,  rotten, unfriendly  and all that.

 I have once over heard them saying few things about me. So when ever they do their whispering business, I get alert. I get so alert that I stop doing whatever  I am doing and start thinking:" What have I done now?"

I must have done something wrong AGAIN.

Maybe not.

Maybe they were thinking about something else. Discussing something which they don't wanna share with me. There could be something else.

I need to stop thinking all this.

God, this is such a small place. Everyone  is in my face. I can't run away, I can't escape.

Because I am not the spiritual Sufi type who would put up with losers' bullshit.


  1. I can understand this so well Ifrah.. I face such situations so many times in my office as well.
    But, as they say ignorance is bliss :) Its good to ignore such things and stay chilled..

  2. People who are like this never no how to handle it when the person they are whispering about gives them nice smiles, they cannot understand it!

  3. I've been in this position so many times!

  4. Workplace politics... workplace hullabaloos... they probably don't enjoy their work and find you the most interesting/irresistible person that ever existed in their world. :P

    Joke aside, it can be hard to deal with gossip.
    Best wishes!

  5. Let them talk.
    That only means you're worth their time!