Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Lets face it.

In the most controversial BBC's documentary  "India's Daughter" by a British film maker, Leslee Udwin, the two alleged defense  lawyers for the rapists,  ML Sharma and AK Singh,  in the Delhi gang rape of Joyti Singh's case, were neither in courts, nor defending their clients as  any paid lawyer does.

Why Udwin choose them is questionable, which only she can answer, as it is her film, however, if you watch the film with open eyes and without feeling offensive, their statements  like " Our cultural is the best culture. There is no place for  a woman." Women should not go out after 7pm, 8pm and 9pm,"  'If my daughter was having premarital sex and moving around at night with her boyfriend, I would have burnt her alive. I would not have let this situation happen. All parents should adopt such an attitude,"and etc, etc,  were their opinions, personal statement, and in reality this is a  reality of not only  India but of the  whole South Asia.

Those two men spoke the mentality of our socety.

 Give them some credit. 

Whatever they were saying was reflection of this society. We are all reflection of our societies. And lets face it. We treat women like shit. Our society is  sexist, and misogynist.We think like that.

People are sexually frustrated, sorry to say.

She goes out for groceries or even work with fear of her honor, izet..kuch ho na jai. Mera daman per koi anch na aji. . 

In our society women who is presentable and out, alone or with man who is not her Father, brother, husband or son  is awarah................a whore. Young girls  going out with her boy friend after dark, having fun is not digest-able.

In our society  all the curse words start with woman and ends with it.

Maybe my perdesi readers don't get it and find this post utterly depressing, but it is God damn true.

They still don't know, a woman  can have her own mind, her own choices and her own life. She is a human first.
Go, ask anyone.


  1. I know what you mean. Same thing about we Moroccan people. Eventhough I live in Europe, it doesn't matter. My father would be furious if he saw me with a boy.


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  3. you speak of your culture, yet the mind set is prevalent in most of the world, in most (if not all) cultures, though perhaps not as clearly pronounced . I feel sad, but figure that men must be frightened, perhaps because woman can do so much more than a man. Fear is the root and while i do understand fear, i do not understand this at all and am truly sad that it exists.

  4. Misogyny makes me sick! I think the biggest bigotry is against women, then next is children. Particularly young girls. It's similar in England, we have such hypocrisy against women and how they can express themselves. Our public space is full of naked or near naked women yet if a woman expressed herself in such a way in literature(like anais nin) or in any art form then she is attacked, critiqued and shamed. Do you read Susan Sontag on this issue?
    It is never the victims fault or the womans fault ever, its the rapists always. A recent conversation i had with someone they said a woman has some blame if she dresses a certain way when she goes out and gets attacked. So i countered with a simple scenario in response

    'You keep fit, your body is good, you go running, shorts and t shirt. A man is watching he attacks, over powers, assaults you'. You got to court , tell your account. The judge says 'But you keep fit..your body is good and look at the clothes you wore, shorts, t shirt, the other guy..he has a right to think you are available, and by yourself too..with no shame, dressed like'

    He had no answer in response. He was buying in to the sexist culture. It is changing inshallah i think the internet helps change attitudes.
    Rhaminuallah one should always change for the better others.
    This article is powerful i hate to think of anyone hurt , now or the future .