Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tea from chia ka hotel.

Kaka or GR,   our so called doorman/ chawkidar(in Urdu)  cum  peon who does all the work for us is on leave for a week.   My tea bags from which I usually  make tea  have been finished as well, therefore I  went out to buy tea for  from a tea  hotel  next to my uni.

And I love teas from those  hotels.

Pic by:hassan yar khan

They are called dahaba, but on their boards it is always hotel since I opened my eyes, mostly Quetta Chia  Hotel, because the owners are from Quetta city. You can find these hotels  anywhere in Karachi. Besides their famous tea, they sell Parhata and eggs for breakfast.

They make such yum duhd patti (milk tea) which I guess no one can make anywhere, and whenever I go out for shopping with my mom,  we  always have one  while sitting there in the hotel  without any parachani/worries  or hesitations as  it's all man hotel, what will people say, or it doesn't look good, type bla bla.

No one says anything.

So,  my  dept's 60 years old  doorman is absent and I went out  to have tea.

He does all the outside work even when this is not his duty, as much as I know. His designation is  doorman/chawidkar in his pay slip last time I saw. (he showed me that ;P).

We treat him like our servant. Majal hai jo hum koi kaam karien. He brings water form water cooler for us, food from outside, cleans the tables after meal,  and what not.

 Well, this happens to those who doesn't know who they are. And those who don't know who they are, end up begin slaves to others.

Other issue is that  female staff don't go out for anything. Even to go to  the  bank or  the library they pair up with some other female co-worker. It is good  to travel in group, but aunty please..going to bank and library in qafla ain't a  traveling.

That is the  reality of our  working women.

I dunno whether we are spoiled, ha'adharam or scared.

maybe I am wrong. That's the way and I am not understating it. 

My problem is that I don't like anyone. I want to live alone, and I want to go and have chia from chia kay hotel   alone.

Making a pair with any female like a collage gal is a big NO. FYI, I am 29 years old.
It  makes me feel dependent.

Chia hotel  is just next to my uni and it is no big deal  for me to go and have it.

However that tea seller behaved so strangely. That strange here doesn't mean some weird wala strange or bad. Not at all. He was very respectful.

 He and like others are not used to have female customers as much as I tried my best to reason and fathom what was going on. My presence  stirred up something over there. I dunno what that something was.  Male students who were there  also  doing dabi hoi smile.

He told me to go, he will send it to my dept. I was like Ok, as you wish.

Then someone called me and said take your tea.

At least I had my dose. 


  1. For me it sounds like a complicated life--to be concerned--even just wondering-- what others are thinking regarding my actions--behavior. Much better for me is freedom to think, say what I wish, and to be ME. I DO concede, that in another culture, being "me" might possibly be awkward. And my conforming to another society would not be "conforming" at all, just living the life. So it seems we ALL fit somewhere, If shoe it. If not, shop in another store for acceptable shoe-fit!

    Ifrah, enjoy your family, your work, your tea, your life. Ameen!

  2. I understand, you want to be! Not to be confined by anyone or anything.

  3. How was the chai? Reading this just reminds me of the dhabas we have here in India, and as luck would have it, I'm having masala chai right now :D

  4. Wonderful post!
    Happy Easter!
    Angela Donava

  5. It's the place we're living in. No matter how much they deny, we live in a patriarchal society.

  6. Ok...seems like I face these issues too here.. but its a different story.. the chai wala was respectful wala weird.. here ppl are strange wala weird sometimes..

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