Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bungalow bar

 Nothing against alcohol, drugs or sheesha. Thsoe who wanna do it, do it.  None of my business, however the ground realities is that we don't have bar and pub  culture in Pakistan. Tell me if I am wrong, how many hotels are here in Karachi with proper bar?

Hardly ..............? I dunno!

Islamabad  have some to  carter the foreigners.

 Here, if there is any, it is  known only to the  elites. Therefore, in elite class, some people arrange and for the sake of creating a mahol and  like we say dil behlany ko ghalib yeh khyal bhi acha have bars in their bungalows. Allah mafi. Anyway, sad part is  the music. I means yar, it is so ajeeb sa. Who listens Bollywood?Just Imagine yourself in some wannabe's bungalow bar with Bollywood music! Other people dancing on aj bule hai pani pani with so much happiness on their faces.  Haad Hoti hai bewaqufi ki bhi !


  1. Even where there is a "bar" culture, most of the music if very lame...

  2. We are losing our values. And it's just so plainly sad.

  3. Oh i left comment and ...nothing.

  4. Too many bay waqoofs in the city to go to bars in England, i just avoid and stay at home to educate myself. But its nice, i mean if you go to the bars that require a fee at the door it keeps out the waqoofs and no one gets drunk and falls in to your shoulder. Its very civilized.