Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Everyone DESERVE it woman or man.

Nothing could be more paindu, tribal and backward that even in this century (2015) our desi men need a reminder that they have sisters, daughters, mothers, wives.....back at home, and if they will treat"other women" badly, someone somewhere will do the same to "their women."

Like seriously?

 Don't they know man and woman both deserve respect no matter what, no matter what they think. And believe me nobody cares your backward mentality.

Our people need to understand the fact that world has moved on long ago, so should they as well without wasting a single jiff. 

Respect "dosray log," dosron ki aurtein(women) just because every one deserves respect.

 App ki auretin, dosraoin ki aurtein is so gaon wala paindu, backward and tribal thing.

 Second thing in that vid is having girls. Like, how many girls one could have, and like boys use girls like tissue paper...again a typical tarsi hoi desi mentality. 

This is called relationships. 

Also does this tell me that I as a woman should keep in mind that I have a father and brother back at home before using any man like a tissue paper or no?

Or it is only for men to think that they have some women back at home?

 Gimme a break. 

My brother or your sister,  and others all are responsible for their own acts. And if someone is using you or used you as a tissue paper you are a dumb person. You let him/her do that.


  1. Seems like you had a bad experience. There are every kind of people in this world

  2. Such a good video. Unfortunately, there are many guys that think like that.


  3. You should be writing a book. Or a regular column in a newspaper.

  4. It is similar all over maybe. Today at work (i cook and take in muffins or cakes or pies all the time, just for my pleasure). Someone left a nasty note on my food for everyone to see. It was so hateful. And all i do is take food in for others...
    Who can do it?
    Its the same attitude as these desi men thinking women are tissues. They have dark souls.

  5. Everyone deserve respect!, Sim, yes. Beautiful words. I wish everyone thinks this way.