Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rote nation.

Anyone can be intelligent and smart if given proper basic education, opportunities and chances.

 Pakistanis rank the fourth on globally intelligence survey  is conducted with those Pakistanis who  are settled in the first world counties, and doing wonders over there according to the news report.

Let me rain you parade, doing wonders in the first world county is no big deal. They give equal opportunity and chance to their citizens. And if we are that intelligent, why we still are third  world country?

 Pakistanis are smart here, right. They work abroad, not in their own country.

To clear more, we are trained in  rote learning, memorization from the very young age.  I have seen with my own eyes people rattamring Maths and Algebra before exams. People  take extra tuition and spend quite a lot in this regard. Those who are abroad, belong to that same class.

 Education is business here. Students are more kinda slaves. Sorry !

 And I don't know what is the parameters of their intelligence survey? This is the nation who follow their ancestors blindly. They don't think of their own. They are doctors, engineers, or lawyers or even abroad because their parents wanted them to be that or go there. 

The case studies of Ali Moeen Nawazish, Arfa Karim and Moosa Firoz Seriously ! This is called opportunity. And like I said any one can be intelligent, and smart if given opportunity. Please, stop making me fool.

There is no source mentioned in that report and not much explanation of their survey  either ! 

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  1. When given the best opportunity and having the desire to do so we can achieve wonders.