Wednesday, June 3, 2015

He is fine.

The thing I like most about PMA Shah is that he is quite controlled in his manners, as much as I have  noticed/observed so far while having few  interaction with him.

 And everyone says he is rude.

Maybe he is, but he is never rude to me. Maybe he keeps people at bay. Everyone is not that friendly. Maybe he is quite by nature. Maybe he is controlled.  And we should respect that about others.

Or mostly probably  I haven't faced his rudeness yet. One of my  students said his tone is totally different when he talks with me   :). Yaaay.

I just wish his tone remains at least good/friendly/different in a good way with me.

 I contacted him for the photo Exhibition, and  without being pussy he  told me work would be done. And he did it on time. I didn't  beg him or wasn't  afraid like I was  during all that the time  with other people and department  in organizing such big event.  Most of them were treating me like a bimbo and  giving cold shoulders.We wanted to have tunnel for the exhibition with boards on the wall for hanging pics.  No one was there to own it. He said he will deal if anything bad would happen, god forbid.

Nothing bad happened. Allah Shukar.

 We have  had talked for a while, like hardly 10 minutes  outside my department sometimes ago before the exhibition. We started talking with one uni  dinner which  I couldn't attend. We talked about other general stuff like our education, where we are coming from, work experience, instead of his usual  "Yes, hmm, ho jai ga (things will be done)" in a very normal and relaxed way.

Then yeah, he got kinda alert and coldly avoided me  : P.

 After that we only talk about exhibition stuff. It is OK. Work is done and we don't interact anymore, he still he is a fine man.

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