Friday, June 26, 2015

Urban life style.

Despite being cheap to live, vibrant, authentic and real, original street life and freedom, lots of places to go, beautiful cool evenings, this giant city Karachi where no one wants to stop for a jiff has gone to dogs.

 Having almost all types of big fat problems like bilawajay lki migration from all over the Pakistan which is causing over population, pollution, no infrastructure, water and electricity shortage, and lack of mass transit, political un stability, security issues, uncertainty, its own people are also not understating what a cool urban city is this ( could be) and letting it to be a paindu city /village (no offense) with making apny apny elaqy.

Lots of people don't know the difference between rural and urban life. Many still living here from last twenty five years are not ready to accept urban life style. 


  1. Adapting and change, some find it easy, others not.........

  2. that migration is cause there are jobs here, if we develop other cities the migration will stop