Friday, July 17, 2015

A Vist to Saima Mall with friends.

 Adi and Nida came to my place at 3 pm. My mom's mood was pretty OK. We just  chew the rages.  It started getting boring so we decided to the Smaia Mall and took few pics. Al right teenagers go to the Malls and hang out.Well, sometimes we in out late 20s also does that.

  Later I had chowmein and they got hot'n spice's mayo roll. I told Adi to remember the taste of that chowmein, because I can make much  better, spicy and yum  one, the  next time  when we we meet.  Challenge accepted.

I guess they just stir fried the noddles with few spice,  two or three  julienne cut capsicum and carrots and gave it to me. Come on !!!

The Express newspaper 's peeps  were in the mall too. They were talking pictures of jewelry stalls and all the Eid shopping pics for their news paper. But guard stopped  only us from taking pics.

 Only they had permission

Malls are public places. People do take pics with their cell phone and all that, No one bats an eye, but whenever  I wanna take, everyone losses their mind. Seriously !


  1. very poignant pictures, sorry that they gave you grief about taking pictures with in the mall

  2. Ha!, i bet your chowmein home made puts their store out of business.You will work for Express one day, taking photos of celebs probably and the gossip magazines. I mean that is where they big money is?