Saturday, July 11, 2015

How sad !

In Shan-e Ramadan, one caller asks  Junaid Jamseed  whether male and female friendship in educational institutions is halal? (There are still some people left who ask such questions openly on TV shows to confuse already confused nation)

He puts this question in front of  a guest Mulana. Mullah  gives his zhesa pita  same old answer. Like this, like that. Every gal has her honor  (like boys have no respect, no honor). She should remember her limit. Actually he is unable to answer. And can someone explain me his limit?

The point is that all religious scholars are against co- gatherings of male and female whether it is in educational institutions, work places or even in homes. They preach segregation and say mix gathering is allowed with limits.

They have their own logic which we secular are unable to understand. Segregation is quite non-practical, unhealthy and old days strategy. Result of this segregation and mix gathering with limit is that lots of men are still unable to talk properly with women, and vice versa. 

We still have to remind them that they have sister and mothers in their home.You will meet people, and people could be man and woman. They can be other then your family(mehram). And I am sorry to say these type of segregated mind sets are the reason who have made our society suffocated. 

Now when they will eat together, others will definitely point fingers. Others will definitely ask how come it is halal when it is according to them haram for general public, meeting and eating other then your spouse and maharm something like  what recently Traiq Jamil had to taste  his own medicine.

 The reality is that, Islam is very clear on this issue. Its teaching is "moderation."

Simple. And there are other limits in Islam too like no sex before marriage. Still people are worried about other people. To me they all look so mehroom.  They can't digest man and female relationships in educational institutions or in work place or anywhere.

At some point they are more then friends.  But this is not my issue. That is their personal matter. It is up to them where they want to take that friendship but thee are many who are interested just in healthy environment. 

 In back days it was a taboo thing to have male and friendship in educational institution openly. Some daring bunch might have.  However now, time has changed. There are so many educational institutions and both young boys and girls are there to get education. 

 Friendship is a healthy, normal and inevitable thing when there are large number of people out there. The religious people are stuck with the era of Qauid-e-Azam, and making it suffocated and more confusing. And because of such mulana logic, lots of people don't understand how beautiful and necessary friendships is esp older generation.

 Even today many youngsters hide friendships and feel bad about it. How sad ! 

Mulana should not preach stupidity!

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