Thursday, August 6, 2015

After summer break.

I am back in class room, teaching  after my two months' summer break and feeling alive. There is nothing like being in the class.The craziness, the sanity. The nervousness before class. Just don't ask.

They told me some 85 students(most of them are from different departments) are gonna be there in my class. I reached there 15 minutes before the class timing with Adi, Baloch and Shah. Well, 35 students were present. It went all right.

 Almost ! Allhundu'Allah.

When I was out, PMAS, according to H came to the faculty room and talked with baba (our doorman).She, very happily told all of us that he said Salam to her like I care.

There are some people who think the whole world moves around them. She is like that. So what if he said Salam to her?He ignores me, and  only this   is important.

In the morning I took few pics without my gang to kill the fear in me if I want to document the Karachi. Pics are not that great and I will upload them when I will reach home. However the big deal is that I  did it alone. It sadden me that  I am the one who said what the fuck to people if they stare me (national problem of Pakistani people: Staring). With my cam, I am so nervous.

Why this is happening to me?

 Yesterday I went to Saint Patrick church and they said come with the Uni's letter if you want to take the pics. Oh dear !Who does that? what about those cell phone pics? And what if I have lied that I am there to pray?

I took few pics here and there on sader. Mano was with me.

Bad news is that Chinchiein/TUK TUK have gotten banned once again. These dumb head authorities have no idea how convenient they are for the public. Now I have to pay 60 to 80 rupees from the Samma Mall to Hill Top whenever I will take the Shriaz coach, when via chinchi I pay 15/- only. It is not only about money. Such a big mega city, this much over following people gods knows from where and no concept of transport system

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  1. Well Ifrah despite these problems nothing seems to hold you back! :)