Saturday, October 31, 2015

Imran and Reham.

From the day one Imran and Reham marriage wasn't sound genuine,  or maybe I never liked IK that much. No issue of his being 60 something (he is 60 years old for Pete's sake) but he looks so aloof and proud(deal breaker).

 I am  sure people can't see these details because they  have tomatoes on their  eyes. Means to say,  they are  in F love with him. They were happy having bhabi. Anyway, the divorce is not because of it. I was saying that it never sounded real to me.

 I never called Reham Khan " bhabi" ever either. I mean why on this earth I call her bhahi when I, never in my whole life called any one BHAi? unko Bhabhi kahon gi? so sweet ! Another anyway, both were faking it at their best. It was so obvious. She was bilala wajey mein wearing dupatta and portraying that achi aurat bhabi image. Be who you are, seriously. Never change your self for any guy or gal. Let others accept you the way you are, who you are. Later grow together and adjust if you two want. And if he, in his play boy style married the BBC weather gal things might have been different. This is just my observation and calculation otherwise marriage is just a civil contract between two people.

We have made it such a big deal outta it for no reason.

 OK, well when kids are involve then yes, it affects them most. The family is broken. But things can be done in a civilized way, with less damage done. There is no need to do wawaila and being so emotional. Then comes people who do Phd in why people divorce. You know why? It's just ‪#‎over‬. Two people are no longer interested in being together for whatever reason in that marriage contract.  Accept it and move on. ( Am I a mean person :P ?)

IK and Rehamn parts away in a civilized way for sure. Both are 40 and 60 plus with previous marriages. They are not that ghumzada. None of us knows the real reason. The couple decided not to gave that  detail either.  Now it's time for public and their fan boys and gals to stop doing their Phd why their marriage is over.

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