Sunday, October 11, 2015

Random Pics

My day was so quite and I needed it. I spend all day at home and reflect on so many things.   After that bak bak week having a quite weekend is blessing. Everyone around   just talk awful lot.  They are also making me talk.  I hate talking. It makes me forget things.

OK, I am just blaming. I talk awful lot for no reason and forget things/

 I am not reading books or anything, nor working properly. Assignments are  unchecked, haven't uploaded anything on LMS for students yet.  This is not laziness at all. I feel like I have the lost the track of everything since I .......................

 This is definitely lack of motivation and inspiration.

Happiness give me inspiration. It motivates me to do things, write blog  posts, go out and take pics, read stuff.  And here I am not taking happy happy happy happiness. My kinda happiness is when my parents are happy with me. The end.

Photography is also kinda on stall. But here are few pics I took couple of weeks ago after university.

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