Sunday, November 15, 2015

Changing Facebook profile picture to French flag.

Is this necessary to bring Palestine/Lebanon/Iraq or any other Muslim majority country into everything?

Every other FB status was either ISIS ain't Muslims till last night. Today it's all  about " Muslims suffered/are suffering more and no one cares."

If ya don't wanna change your profile pic to French flag, then simply don't do it. But there are people who are doing it.They are showing solidarity with France whether you digest it or not. Why they didn't do it for Palestine or Lebanon when terror attacked happened their is simply  because you dear Muslims didn't do it at the first place.

 Yes, you should have started something to bring the world's attention to those terror attacks claimed by ISIS. You didn't care. You don't own Facebook to design those apps where one can change the profile pic. You didn't do anything actually at all for anyone instead of making kababs and harems.You never care that you gotta be part of this modern world.


  1. It seems funny or strange to me, my father was born in France so i am half French, yet i did not change my profile picture. I see this in a different way, attacks occur on everyone and i am very aware of these that are minimally reported. May be i think of it in terms of a war against people with heart (and that has been going on a long time) by those with out a heart.