Friday, November 27, 2015

This is what people want.

Naseeruddin Shah advised  Pakistani filmmakers to stop watching Bollywood movies.

Pakistani directors always try to follow Bollywood and Bollywood always tries to follow Hollywood, even the posters of our films are bad copies of Hollywood,”

Shah Sahb is just getting jazbati. Bollywood movies ain't that bad. We all know that  the thing in Bollywood  is popular and not so popular movies, otherwise they are as creative and original as Indians could be (I know, it's is racist. Eat me).

It has its own audience and if not all, 80%  of its audience are Ok with everything in the Bollywood. They want entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. And B- movies are all about entertainment.

We are living in the third world country. Already there is so much uncertainty and stress. They don't go to cinema for thought provoking deep subjects, or reality. They want light stuff.

People like those tha'aty bazi, thumka, songs, stories. Their romance and humor, action and dialogues suite the audience pretty well.  Awien they are not popular. Not only popular they are hit and super hit.
 In a nutshell, movies are what their audience are. This is what people want to see.

Pakistanis are no different than their neighbors. They have been watching Indian movies since they are in this world (which  they would  deny straight away if any survey carried out and mark my words demand would be family oriented movies). Jomarzi unki..........per dekhty sub Indian maal he hein.

Bollywood movies are Pakistani movie makers' benchmark. Those malsa movies have a huge market here.

It  sells here like it or not.

Not only that Bollywood produces some 900 movies per year. It is quite a big and serious  industry which has produced  some cool numbers like Gangs of Wasseypur, Ship of Theseus, Piku, Court, Titli, Haider, Raincoat, Ugly, Badlapur in recent time. However,  they are just not popular, because it is not typical masla movies what masses want. Some of them I mentioned were straight flops at box office.

Many are sure carbon copies of Hollywood and total flops. And  it is OK.  At least they are making movies.  Hollywood is their  benchmark. Simple !

"For instance, I told [filmmaker] Vishal Bhardwaj during the making of Omkara (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello) to keep the end just like that of the play, but he changed it according to what Bollywood is desirous of.” Naseeruddin Shah.

Film Industry  is a money making enterprise.  Product is for masses. No commercial movie maker ever gonna make any movie which would tank at the box office. Like I have been saying...these producers and directors are no fool. They know their desi audience can't digest the Othello's ending as it is. The have to dumb  it down according to their audience who pay and watch 2 to 3 hours movies.

Another thing about Pakistani audience is that they are so god damn worried are #itemnumbers in "their movies" which according to them " should not be in their movies".... like they don't  enjoy Indian item numbers, like they fast forward when shela ki jawani and baby doll me sony ki show up on their telly screens, like they don't know even in their family oriented Islamic republic there are mujry in weddings and mardana hujray. Shout out to all the hypocrites out there ! 

 Yes....item numbers are real.  They would be there. Go suicide.

For so long the whole film business, acting, singing, cinema going  was considered vulgar in our Pak Land. Things got bit change socially and cinema wise thankfully. Movies are coming out. People are going to the cinemas. Some do try to bring what?  It is just a  start. A new start.

 I have no idea why Shah shab considers it  a tragedy if Pakistan continues to produce bad copies of Bollywood movies when  majority of  recent Pakistani movies like Moor, Shah, Manto, Dukhtar, Waar, Zindah Bhaag, Namaloom Afrad are original, experimental and creative so far.

So be happy :).

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