Saturday, December 5, 2015

It's written all over your face.

People have emotions [e-mo´shun]. And some of us are emotional !

Anyway, we  express those emotions with our  voice, face and body. And according to  Aleix Martinez, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at Ohio State University and his colleagues:
 "Human face makes 21 different emotional expressions – and each is different from the other. While some represented combinations of emotions, each differed in terms of which muscles were involved." (read here !)
It is incredible, innit ?

One face making 21 different faces ? Wow !

To know what's really going on you just  gotta read those  emotions. Many of us are good in reading them. Or it is too obvious.

But what about those people who are good in hiding them? Who mask !

There are many who don't let us know what they are really feeling.  Or we are not supposed to know everything.  Or sometimes it is better for us to not know all.

Still I wanna know what's going on.  I wanna know whether they are amused, surprised, annoyed, happy, frustrated, excited(with me) or not.

And to know  I  am alter, interested(otherwise I am not talking) observing, and noting  each and every little detail around me. So while  giving bit attention I am somehow able  to tell what one is feeling.

I once read a book on body language which helped me a lot to know whether with one I am is interested in me or not. And it matters a lot. Why wasting time with someone who's not even interested in listening whatever the crap you are saying?

Deciphering the situation with one's voice is not that difficult.

How cool it would be if  it's written all over other  faces. No need to be worry about how other is encoding our emotion.

On a serious note, it is better to be a poker face. Smiling faces are more attractive and people are more inclined towards  them.

No one wanna see a sad face............. no matter how real that sadness is.

I wish I had a poker face.

God knows the best what's in one hearts.

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