Friday, January 15, 2016

National Leadership Program 2016

That was one lucky day of November when I got the call from the VC's Secretariat to know my contest for the National Leadership Program, 2016-- a ten days official visit to Islamabad. I said yes without even letting QM complete her sentence. She laughed. She already know how fool I am.

Yes, I am fool without any shame.  And boy, I did the right thing. It was grand. 

 National Leadership Program 2016 is an initiative of the alma mater of Quid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinah, Sindh Madrasatul Islam University. This program  aims to enhance the leadership qualities among its students and make them true leaders for the future generation.

Selected  fifty students (23 males and 27 females) with eight faculty members and administrative staff  along with vice Chancellor will visit various universities of Islamabad. We are also scheduled to visit National Assembly, NAB and supreme court of Pakistan,  Federal Ombudsman, Ministry of Education and other places as well.

 We are leaving on Saturday at 2 pm.  Today we had a pre- trip session where we  were briefed the  complete schedule. Each and every thing is so planned and organized. Our stay, meals, and visits. Nothing to worry about. This whole trip is by plane.

I got my and my gals tickets yesterday, before the meeting with the VC.  This is gonna be my first ever  trip out side Karachi. I am indeed one  lucky peeps to the part of SMI University and more excited than  any students.  Like, how many of us get chance to go inside the NAB, National Assembly and Supreme Court of Pakistan. Vising to such places and meeting their officials will give me so much experience and confidence.

We female faculty members and students are gonna stay in the Margala Hotel. It sounds exquisite. Male faculty and students will stay at the  Dream Land Resort.  Weather is good in Karachi. It is supposed to be cold in Islamabad. Lets see. I am told to keep sweaters and shawls.

 My bags are so packed.

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