Saturday, April 23, 2016

Ferer Hall.

During group photo shot Dr.S told me about some vintage cars' display at the Ferer Hall.

  She is an easy person, still single like me and fond of going out unlike my other single female friends who prefer to stay at home, go home after work or hang out with family only.

We  like fresh air.We like having channa chaat from  Jamma  after a long day in university. We like going places.   And most of the time we decide our outings at bus stop. Chalna hai?

 So as usual after signing out, she asked me again at gate.  I was all ready to go.

We got the rickshaw and the didn't know the route.  Neither S knew where it is. I have been there once and all I remembered was that it is somewhere near the Arts Council.

Rickshaw wala should know routes ..please !

Anyway, deal was for 60 rupees but we passed the Arts Council and then  came to the Press Club, driver started  getting pissed off. We asked police peeps who were standing side outside the PC.

We finally reached the Ferer Hall and gave 100 rupees. The chik chik !!!!

There was no sign of vintage cars dur dur taak. Boys were playing cricket outside the main Sadeqien Gallery. And it was not evening yet according to Karachites' standard. Park/garden was kinda empty.

Actually people prefer to go out after 6 pm. It is with almost every park in Karachi. In summer, days are long. They stay their after sunset. We are night people.

It become obvious to us that there is no vintage car exhibition anymore. We went to the Sadqeen  Gallery. It was open.

A self taught artist, Mushtaq Lashari's  painting  exhibition was going on. Theme of the exhibition was old buildings of Karachi. He covered almost all of them. It was technically my first ever visit to any art exhibition. I loved it.  His work is neat and unique. All his paintings were made by real tea and coffee.

Unique, innt?

We stay there for 20 minutes and had good chat with him.

There are few other pics but they are in Raw format which are heavier than JPGs files. I can't develop them as my PC as  ram is exceeding its limit. Developing Raw files into JPGs is quite a work.

Sharing those I could developed.

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  1. the hall is magnificent! Were you able to take pictures of the artist and his art work? I hope you can develop them!