Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A pleasant surprise.

It was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't sad at all. Neither I miss anything or anyone anymore. I don't even want to go far away.   I am no more in his "khumar." I wish everyday like today.  I wish this feeling to be permanent.

Maybe this calmness, this state of mind is because finally, we talked, almost clearly about things which were in our heart. I faced it bravely.

I wouldn't want him anymore, anywhere with me. I wouldn't miss him. :) I wouldn't feel sad. A thirty year old woman can't feel sad on petty things.

I would go places without wanting him with me. He is not mine. He was never mine. Having any hope is foolish. In our two hours talk via phone, we made it clear somehow. I am happy.

I met a class fellow in uni after handing in my assignment to my professor. And be with him mental as well. We went to canteen for free tea. Unfortunately it was closed due to some reason. He asked me to go out and have it from dhaba. It was noon, lunch time, so I declined his offer.  Regular classes will be start from August 1.

I walked from Uni till Jamma. It was good. It saved me  50 Rs. Already I am spending like a retard.

My light room is working again. I developed few pictures.

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