Saturday, July 16, 2016

We all killed her.

Rrcently, whenever I saw her on TV, once in a while during interviews, she had to give explanation of her inappropriate delfirs and vedios she posted on her own personal Facebook page. Anchors, like Mubashir Lucman and Nadia Mirza, asked her about feeling ashamed  of her acts, shamelessly.

" Do you  feel ashamed of what you are doing? Is your  family ashamed of your acts?" (Baloch in Nadia Mirza Show.

( Failed attempt of Maria and Nadia to make her apologize.)

" Why don't you do something modest like other modest showbiz women are doing?" (Baloch in Luqman's Show, Khara Sacch)

Well, she told them they are ashamed because she is not doing any such good thing.  And, finally, one of her brothers brutally strangled her to death when she visited her parents home in Multan, last night. 

May her soul rest in peace.

Her inappropriate act which led her to this tragic dead was living her life. She was ambitious, with dreams of better future in her eyes. She wanted freedom. She choose which is consider vulgar and inappropriate in her misogynist society. 

Her crime was posting selfies and  videos which were raunchy off and on, when cyber and real world is full with such stuff and such people. She even didn't know how to do raunchy things properly. They were going crazy over her striptease's trailer, like they have never seen any sort of thing ever in their lives.

She was nothing in front of Sunny Leone,   Ponum Panday, Rakhi Sawant, Kim Kadrishan, Or Mia Khalif. However, they are is doing perfectly ok in Bollywood and Holywood. 

Still, it was just her tireless effort to be somewhere. To make a name in showbiz. 

 Her only mistake was that she was barking at wrong tree. No one here buys what she was trying sell  openly. 
No one here buys gal power. It is not record. Women are happy they are, in their lives. 

Those selfies and videos were not accepted neither praised by Pakistani public who was her audience at the same time. She was fahasha (vulgar, slut, bitch and god forbid what not)) and they were all faristhy (angels), who used to visit her  page religiously with the intention of bringing her back to to right path. They prayed for her guidance because she was on wrong path.

She was disgrace to her family, country and religion, therefore she should be shamed of her "acts."

She is silence now.

We all killed her in our own way. 

Pakistani public, who knows every type of entertainment (after  all the highest porn watchers of the world), want their local entertainers, especially females to be good, religious and chaste entertainers who don't spread vulgarity in society just like their own women in their homes.

Messing up with them means opening can of warms.

To them showbiz women  are lost, vulgar, characterless, far away from religion, who have no respect,  and  it is whole nation's national responsibility to bring them  to the right path by cursing and praying for them. Now she is dead, they are praying God to forgive her sins.

Now when she is dead, everyone is condemning her killing in the name of honor, when we all know deep down they liked what happened. These ghariate brigade  strongly  believed it was inevitable. 

" Just image how will you feel if your sister do such things? What will be the reaction of your family if they find out you are acts?" 

When as much as I know, being an adult, one is free to live his or her. No one is supposed to feel anything about another person's  life and decisions. What an  adult does unless it is not a criminal act, is none of anyone's  business.

 Defining what is right or wrong in a society should not be your headache either. Societies evolve with time.

They have created their own fool's paradise, where they want everyone to act according to their made up  cultural and religious values, where standard of sharaffat is so high that women  think 100 times before taking breath, "kuch bura na hogie!! " Izat tu na chlaie jaie." Respect is giving to only those women who are someone's wife, sister, mother, daughter. Rest are official awarah.  
And what else we could except from who grew up watching their mothers and sister setting their dupatta their whole lives, who are brought up to emotionally, verbally and physically abuse them for the sake of teaching them lesson?

Sad part is that women and men are OK with this set up. Ther eis even an athem which goes like:

hum maaen, hum behnain, hum betiyaan, qaumon ki izzat hum se hai 
 We mothers, sisters and daughters, the honour of nations lies in us.

Everyone is minding everyone's business.  Not only they have this high standard of sharaf wali society, they believe in family and clean entertainment. They demand same thing from their female entertainers.

Learn to enjoy entertainment for the sake of entertainment. No need to get emotional and start giving prayers of guidance  to every other person after ma behen ki moti moti galiyan.

If that entertainment and entertainer is inappropriate to you and your family, or it is against your religious and culture values, leave it right there. Tune into Q or Peace T.V immediately. Telling paid entertainers in social media or in showbiz how to act is catching on. It just shows frustrated public's frustration and nothing else. 

 You are an audience not a customer. Your demand to act in limits and haya could only be applicable if you have had paid them directly. Only way to reject what you consider inappropriate is simply by stop watching them. It will make them flop. The end.

Wise were Veena and other female Pakistani actresses who become shareef and perform in limits now. 

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  1. Are there any legal things a man could do that he would be killed for dishonoring his family? I forget which country, but a religious man raped a girl because he thought she was not a virgin. Then she was killed for being raped. Seems the man should have been sent to prison or killed for raping the girl.