Sunday, August 28, 2016

Politics of Karachi.

MQM is a political party which represents the Urdu speaking peeps of Karachi and other urban cities of Sindh province like Hydrabad. 

It has been working since last thirty years in Karachi. They have deep rooted. Now suddenly some one would want it to demolished will only create more chaos and division.

Political and Social system of today's Pakistan is based on ethnicity. Politics is a family business. People, no matter how educated, open and liberal they claim they are, they vote and marry "their own people". They believe in supporting their people. Chaudhary/ Wadera and Sardar type people are the head of their political parties. They are in majority. They make establishment.

Karachi on the other hand is a CITY. Technically a big city of Pakistan where only street smart can survive. 
MQM's majority followers and voters are those people who migrated to Karachi from the different party of India after separation in 1947. They have made Karachi their home. They are in minority. Till 80s they used  to vote different  parties like PPP, Jamat and PML. That was different time. Ethnicity factor wasn't that obvious.

Now when every other political party is based on ethnicity and language, every ethnic group has its political party,  or every existing political party has become ethnic party, then having a political party for the Urdu speaking peeps is justifiable. These people wouldn't associate themselves with other political parties at all.
 MQM started OK, as an urban and democratic party.  It was doing all right until it got confused. It got indulged in the rural style politics for urban peeps. Altaf Hussain has lost it. Almost the end.

Everything needs change. To survive more, MQM should have elections in its party after every five years to elect their chairman. Altaf Hussain should remain the founder of the party.  It's a retirement time for him.  Better to step down with grace and dignity; and hand over the party to the suitable candidate would be more logical and democratic.

Mustafa Kamal is creating more confusion. Farooq Sattar's announcement of a clean break from London wala is a democratic thing. It should be appreciated. If Altaf Husaain is not fit to lead, then someone els should. And this should have been from the day one. That's the way urban democratic political should work. However, it seems like MK is so stuck with Altaf Hussain? Muhajir is not a nation. 

 When everyone in Pakistan votes and marries " their people" then what's so wrong in having a political party to represent these people? If their political party has criminal and militants wing then demolish it. Prove the evidence of Raw involvement in the court. Banned the party if it is against the existence of Pakistan like one group of Baloch are. The end. Why this much panchait?

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