Sunday, September 18, 2016

Next Saturday

Today was my second trip to NADRA office. My NIC has expired in the August. Bank has send me two notices.

 It's executive branch in Gulistan-e-Jauher. First time I went there on Eid' s third day. Due to Eid and long queue, they were not giving any more tokens. Therefore, I decided to reach there before 9.

Somehow, I manged to be there at 8:50 am. God forbid, a long queue was already there out side the office. Within five minutes, they started calling people inside. After twenty minutes, a guy came out and announced that system got down. Either we wait or go.

I waited. I thought it might take an hour. Maybe two. People started leaving. I had no other option. Saturday is the only day for or me to come. This NADRA is in my area. My NIC will be issued from here technically. It is not possible for me go there on weekdays. And this is only office which is open on Saturday.

I had to wait. As I say most of the people had left. I went inside. Desk peep told us to wait and see if we want. IT technician is on his way. System will be up.

He came around 10:30 am. It's was his day off, so he took time to get there. After looking , he announced the problem is from Islamabad. System is not working because net is not available. It will be fixed from Islamabad's PTCL office.  No one from there was answering their call.

It was only me who was asking about the situation. Rest was waiting with patience. They should have back up plan. You can't rely only on the system. Why they are open? if main office and every other government offices are closed on Saturday?
 There is so much people. Johar 's executive branch is not enough to carter us.  I could come on Monday at 8 30am to get the token and go to work late, however there is no grantee of getting the token the next day. This is no way. I criticized NADRA and its service. To be honest, my weekends are so precious. I can't stand in queues with no guarantee.

My asking and talking  worked. Desk guy said the next Saturday, he would let me come in because I have been waiting for so long. Let's see.

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