Thursday, October 27, 2016

Ever heard of Stockholm Syndrome?


Annual Global Gender Gap Report , 2016 by the World Economic Forum is out. 

Iceland, Finland and Norway  ranked  first, second and third  out of 145 countries. Pakistan came 144. India ranked 82 and  Bangladesh is at 64. Other Asian countries like Nepal, Srilanka and Buttan also beat us. Technically all South Asian, African and Arab countries except Yemen (ranked 145) are doing better than us.

However, Pakistanis didn't take this report well. They are calling it a bogus. A propaganda and nothing else. To them this World Economic Forum is an Israeli Conspiracy. They just want Pakistan to abandon Islamic values altogether. And, not only this: Newspapers who published that report are defaming Pakistan.

Pakistanis strongly believe that women are way protected, respected, honored and empowered in Pakistan as compared to the West, where there is only vulgarity in the name of gander equality.  Women here don't have to wait in lines like men. They get seat  in the public transport while men have to stand. They don't have to work either. They are home makers. It is a common believe that those who work are needy. Good respectable women live in limits. We have had female Prime Minister, for your kind information. Many women are in politics. We have doctors, engineers, pilots, teachers and what not.

Therefore, Pakistan should ranked 1st.  And these type of western reports are totally fake. 

According to a Pakistani,  all those countries who ranked above them treat "their" women with disrespect. 

Lack of health facilities, political empowerment, equal employment right, high rate of illiteracy among women are not that important as long as respected women are living shattered live in  four walls of their homes. And ask any one over here: they need respect not equality.

Their man are bread earners and they are doing OK. Females doctors are happy to give up their profession for getting married. (After married is a different issue. First you have to get  married, right? And 'getting married"  is the biggest achievement for any female over here.) That's the way things are.

It is sad to see how people just by reading a news report are in denial. Research reports are no jokes. They could be bias, or incorrect but declaring them fake without knowing how to read a research report shows where we are standing. It is enough to tell us why we ranked 144.

 Being a woman is difficult. Every other day you have to prove how respectable your are. Those who are working or in some position are lucky to have family support and permission. Otherwise it is impossible. Many women in politics are because they belong to political background. Good families wouldn't even dream about letting their girls be working even as a nurse.  It is compulsion to work  now as time is changing. Accepting and compromising every other thing like a good obedient person after a brain wash from the day you were born doesn't mean all is well.

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