Saturday, October 29, 2016

Putra Jaya

One day we went to the federal administrative center of Malaysia:  Putra Jaya
Our guide told us that they shifted all the ministries except three (Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Works) from Kuala Lumpur to Putra Jaya in 1999 due to overcrowding and congestion.

If you call Kuala Lumpur over crowding and congested, then what what will you call Karachi? No one can beat Karachi when it comes to traffic jam, and overcrowding.

 Anyway, each to their own.

We started our tour with  Putra Jaya Mosque. We were told that this was the first building to be build. The city is build on 3 principles:
God and Man
Man and Man
Man and Environment

 It is actually good to be closed to the God.

 It was beautiful. First time in my life I offered Salah inside any real Mosque.

 We had Cruise  ride. 

 Mostly government officers live here, as they are provided with houses. They pay rent up to 120 Ringgit only. And now as you can see traffic is not much, they can't say "Boss, I am last. There was so much traffic today."

No excuses. 


Our last stop was Kompleks Seri Perdana- the official residence of the Prime Minister of Malaysia. He was busy, so we couldn't met.

Just kidding !

My guide told me that he lives in KL.

We had lunch in an Indian Restaurant. 

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  1. Hello!!
    What a wonderful pictures.
    So great to see this report with pictures of the special buildings and a look on the streets.
    A wonderful post and thanks for your visit.

    Kind regards from me of the Netherlands,