Friday, November 4, 2016

People come and go.

It is comfortable to be with him. His attention keeps me sane. And after all his care, time and respect I never felt alone. I don't care much about others like I used to do. My life got some direction.

We are in a relaxation mode. Sometimes I do too much. It is not obsession but a fear. I have been through a lot. It is a fear of losing him.

Relationships require work, time and patience. Working on something from the starch is not possible for me. Neither I have anymore strength to do so. And why me? I don't want to be fool any more. 

Things are uncertain, still. Maybe it is just a friendship. But it is OK. There is no need to desperate about him or anyone. As time is passing I am understanding about  being Okay with me. There is no anxiety or depression. 

People come and go. And when they found out we like them they don't want us anymore.


  1. Love hurts only when you do it right. Otherwise, it's just a series of infatuation, the next best thing. Love still worths all the risks, so take a step and grab a chance. You fall, get up and smile. Live with no regrets!

  2. i wish only the best for you! Ad i have gotten to know you through this blog (which i think shows heart), i realize your uniqueness and so you need a special person to be with and to be comfortable around a that is a gift!