Monday, November 21, 2016

Sitting next to each other.

According to Sufi philosophy, sitting next to your friend or someone you love is one of the prerequisites of happiness. You just need to sit silently doing nothing. You might look at each other, or you might not — it’s your choice. In either case, a person feels a kind of inner delight in such a situation because they’re surrounded by people they feel comfortable with. They no longer need to search for something to occupy themselves, and they don’t even need to fill the space with sound. Sitting in silence and feeling your friends’ presence is enough.



  1. yup being with ur bestie is one of the best moment in life! but hey to sit silently is TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE HAHAHHA because we gonna talk n talk n talk non stop til the time seems flying too fast n too short on everytime we met! hehe hi nice knowing u gal :)

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