Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Who voted Trump?

What most of Americans and people from all around the world were not expecting but feared, has  happened.

Trump wins.

He is the President for the coming 4 years after winning with  272 Electoral  votes.And this is democracy. Any protest, if happened after the result will go in vain.

He is, like he said: 'A president for all Americans' ...technically !! 

 Like it or, not !

Cat is out !

 Somehow, it was apparent. Hillary was not a strong candidate or the USA is still not ready for a lady president. But, if you see, she was just 6 digits behind. She did her best to appeal  the people to vote for her. What is fishy is his being candidate at the first place. Doesn't republicans knew who they were nominating for something serious like the President?

This is definitely not the end of the world. Lets see what future is like. Hope for the best.

My Facebook is full with Election post. Almost everyone is in awe, surprised, upset, angry, or scared after hearing the results. People are calling him names.

If they are not happy, then who voted Trump?


  1. there are many who are happy - a minority are racist and they do not post, another minority are uneducated and they do not post. There are older folk who were frightened and they do not post....the people with intelligence did not vote for trump and they do post, that is why you see what you see