Tuesday, December 27, 2016

A Ten Minute Walk.

S, and I got off before our stop. We usually walk and talk. But today I had my camera with me. So we walked, she talked  and I clicked. Nothing much, as we have to reach the uni before 9 am. I took portraits of random strangers. Clicking while walking is definitely not that easy. I have to do it anyhow because of the fear of uncertainty back in my mind. I have no idea when I will do it again.

Today weather is just perfect. My kinda winter. I am glad it is not much cold in Karachi this time around. My Ferozi shawl is enough for me.  We walked for like 10 minute hardly. When I reached the uni my huliya wasn't that presentable. No kajal, no lipstick.

Who cares, wsey bhi?

I ran straight to upstairs to sign in. It wasn't 9 am yet.

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