Sunday, February 12, 2017

Life is good when you have no expectations.

This Feb 3, I turned 31. Life is better.  I am way mature. All my worries were because I wasn't letting things to go. I was too hopeful, show off and full with expectations.

And I was a fool.

Now, I understand that all I can do is "do my best. " No need to worry about each and everything. People I am spending time with are few and closed to my heart. And most probably they calm and relaxed in their own live. They are those smart people who have figured out their lives. They are settled. They don't react.

I still don't know which way to go. But, yeah !

Doing my best !

 I am done with my MS course work. Yaaay !!! Now thesis is here. It is a big thing for me. Winter is about to go which means I can have long day, more hours, which means I could take more pics.

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