Wednesday, March 29, 2017

No one gives a damn, so stay calm and click.

It was an achievement. I didn't give my two cent in front of them. It was not even required. Neither I felt bad. Silence is a wise thing. It saves us from so many unnecessary mess. This habit of me getting involved into every there nonsense is tad bad. I just don't understand. Old habits die hard. If our mind understands such thing like an obedient person,  then we may save our-selves from so many negative things. There is no need to share your ideas, opinions and vulnerability where they are not required.

Other than that, classes are about to slow down. After this week, my students have their Mid Terms. I am chill in this semester. I don't have any class on Thursday. Tomorrow is gonna be much relax.

After university I get off at Pakistan Chowk. It still gets uncomfortable but I guess I am bit just conscious and nothing else. No one gives a damn about petite girl with a back pack and camera in her hand, shooting streets of Karachi.

 So stay calm and click.

Only irritating thing in Karachi is too much bikes everywhere. LIKE, SERIOUSLY EVERYWHERE.  I simply can't find a proper place to stand and click. and I picked up the cam after a long time. It felt ages.

S, is not replying. Maybe she is busy with life. If she comes with me, I will go places. But no need for any one. I am doing it.

Yeah, I picked  up camera after like couple of months. Just sad. And when I am sad, I can't do anything at all. I am not happy, but accepting things as they are. Wisdom is in it.

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