Saturday, March 18, 2017

Random Post

I never thought writing a blog post would be a struggle. It is just that I am not writing much so I feel like little reluctant in writing the way  I write. It is like I have forgotten the blogging all together.

 I hope not. That's the place where I am I.

 And I want to blog frequently from now on. It is just work. I am too involved there.

My week was kinda horrible. And I don't wanna talk about it. Everything was overwhelming for me. In the end I learned some lessons :

Don't talk.
Don't get involved.
Don't except anything from anyone.
There is no such thing as friends in the adult life.
Pretend you are listening but don't listen.
Stay away from people.

Things get difficult for me because my lack of copping mechanism. I get lost. Give attention to non serious issues.  I know I shouldn't have given up yet. This is life.

My weekends are really boring. I want to go back to the class. It keeps me sane. After such a long time, I saw telly movie " Remember Sunday."

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1 comment:

  1. hello! I know the feeling of wanting to get back into blogging. I stopped for years . I am slowly getting back into it but I forgot everything. GOOD LUCK!