Saturday, March 25, 2017

Thrift shops at Nicole road.

Buying branded clothes is not that easy. it is a matter of affordability. However, shops at the Nicole road are the solution for such people. They are here since last more than 30 years and offering branded but used clothes at reasonable price.

"They are hardly once or twice worn." says Shah, owner of one shop in the lane.

Shah is in his 50tish. A stocky build man with salt and paper hairs. He is this business since last 3 decades. His father and brothers, all have been selling used branded clothes. The started with stalls and now own couple of shops. He welcomed me with smile.

" Who are your customers mostly?" I asked him while settling in a stool he offered me. His shop is small and full with shirts.

 " This I.I Chundigarh Road is Karachi's business hub. People from over the city come here for work. They all want to have decent work ware. We sell them at reasonable price. I know what you are trying to ask." He replies.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Wearing used clothes is not much approved. People do look down upon when you tell them the Zara or H&M you are wearing is from some thrift shop.

Price starts in these shops and stall starts from 200 till 500 rupees. He further said despite having malls and local brands, his regular customers wouldn't go anywhere. There are four shopes and 10 stalls from Nichole to I.I Chundigar Road.

Cloths here are men office/formal wear mostly, like suite shirts and trousers, jeans and coats.

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