Saturday, April 15, 2017

I ruined it as usual.

My problem is my stubborn personality. I have created a different world insode my head. Reality is so different. It seems like I am in conflict all the time with every other thing. This need to go. No one is my enemy. Compromising to adjust if it is not harming is a key to have peace.

Duh !

I just say that. When anger hits me I am a like a live grenade. It's getting worst. Maybe my emotinal needs are too much and they are somehow unable to be fulfilled. It then frustrate me to at such degree that I don't realize for a sec what I am doing. All people around me are so at peace. They are less demanding. Their lives are on right track.

It is always up to us to react. My unfulfilled needs are not other people's problem. Then I complain and explain. It makes matter worst.

Recently, I did somethingstupid again. It is 3 thing in a row btw.

He was doing it for me and it was making him so happy. You should have seen his face. And guess what...I ruined it. 

Yes !

I runied all his effort and happiness. It is my hormones or in build craziness, I dunno. Should I stop eating eggs ? It is so hot these days, maybe it is adding up in my anger? 

Whatever I did was total crap. It was so unnecessary. This is my everyday ritual. At the age of 31, I am unable to have a decent relationship. There is definitely something crazy in me.

This is no way to behave.

I took few pics on my way to home from work.

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