Thursday, May 11, 2017

It is just a city. Get over it.

It is all my fault, actually. 

I listen and let people say their monkey shit. 

Today, someone from one specific race, double my age, with Phd degree from abroad, who I am damn sure doesn't even have the domicile of Karachi was telling me this is not my city. The tone was ugly. The more I was smiling, tolerating, and letting go, the more he was getting uglier. This much hate for Urdus and Muslims? 


I am Karachi born. I live here. This is not my city because I am Muslim by faith, Indian origin and my primary language is Urdu? This is the first time I heard such monkey shit. Actually, it was his hate which was over flowing. According to him, Urdu speaking peeps are less in numbers and just confined to few areas of Karachi. I was like, what do I do if we are less in numbers? If you are so smart, take over Karachi. Why are you telling me about your inferiority complex? Am I MQM? That political party is my fault?

 And listen this joke: All the development work in this city is done by his race/people. I couldn't stop laughing my ass off at that claim. 

FYI, all the development in this city is done by the Britishers. After that you did nothing. Be thankful to Indian Muslim immigrants who were bit educated and contributed to this city. And if your home town/province/ city/ is that good, then why don't you go back? Why wasting time in Karachi?

 Why chewing my brain? 

There is a legit reason why these people and their cities are no where in the map. This is their inferiority complex. Another fyi: Condition of your people is worst. They are confined to Light house and Garden. Their education level is low. Worry about them rather than me, my race and my primary language.

 My people and I have moved on long ago. Karachi is not mine. It is just a city. Get over it. Everyone from Pakistan is living here. Urdu is not a race. It is a language for the purpose of communication. Nothing more, nothing less. 

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