Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunday was fun.

Having a relaxed Sunday is blessing for me.

My mother had her NTS test in St. Patrick's College, Saddar. I did my Intermediate (high school) from there in 2005. After passing out, I never got the chance to re-visit it. When my mom told me about her test center, I decided to go with her. Her test timing was 2:00pm. We reached there at 1:30 pm by auto.

I was amazed to see how well managed and decent it turned out after  going back to the missionary management. At my time it was under government. Its condition was so worst. I am glad they took it back from the government.

But somehow it was still my collage. It still had same calmness, peace and serenity I used to feel on 2005. Meanwhile waiting for her, I read the novel.

Due to the test, there was strict security. Two cops deployed. They were not even letting us go in the building. Clicking wasn't that possible. I somehow managed to click few pics.

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