Sunday, May 7, 2017

With age I am doing more foolish things.

I left the comment on Financial Times's  On Air, Facebook live show/video. Topic was "Do we get wiser as we get older?"Columnist Lucy Kellaway  was the guest. And she doesn't think we do  !!!

Wisdom comes from having experience and knowledge. Wise people are good judge. They have patience and tolerance. They adjust well. They don't decide in hurry. They learn their lessons from their mistakes.  When I, on the other hand doing more foolish things and getting confessed as I am getting older. Repeating the same mistakes. Giving chances with hope.

Therefore, my comment was, "With age, I am doing more foolish things." She replied to my comment by saying we do foolish things due to fear. She is so right. I react because I do get scared. My experience is less. Knowledge is limited. I take ages to learn, trust and adjust. Like I have been saying my dealing is based on reaction and emotions. This realization is hurting me. Life needs to be sort out. 

Every time I forget that patience is the key. Everything takes time. There is no need to worry much. We all will remain same. There is NO NEED to react. 

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