Friday, June 30, 2017

Family drama of late Amjad Sabri.

Late Amjad Sabri's sister did find it okay for their two relative girls to refer themselves as Amjad Sabri's nieces. These two young girls were performing well in one of Ramadan shows when amidst of the show, his sister called they show to stop that. They not only just called but also decided to join the show to teach the girls lesson of calling them Amjad Sabri's niece. Show was hosted by Shaista Lodhi and Noor on ATV. It was as you can see Ramadan Transmission on the 27th of Ramadan, public got the chance to watch domestic darma live on one of the nights of power.

They were literally fighting like women fights in streets and alleys of low in come hoods. Those 40 plus man and woman hosts with a mullah couldn't stop that sister of the great Amjad Sabri to stop insulting those girls.  They were watching full on drama. Shaista Lodhi's confused face was must watch. It was so obvious that Noor sided up totally with the sister of Amjad Sabri fpr the respect late Qawali singer. The  Mullah was cool as cucumber gave diplomatic answer to hug and forgive every one in this holy month. 

No one hugged each other. There was cheapness, anger and insults. T.V show's rating went  up by getting drama on their transmission. More juicer, more better. More insults, more TRP.  

Amjad Sabri's sister started with the pride that women from "their family" don't show up on T.V. They are respected women. (But they can come on T.V and make scene by insulting the girls). Their family is respected. Lots of people (read: men) use the name of great Sabri and Ajmad Sabri  to get shows and all that but they don't go after them. However, they couldn't restrain themselves when they saw some females calling themselves Sabri Sisters and referring themselves as niece of their beloved late brother Amjad Sabri. To them, these unknown females are dragging their family's name through the mud just by on being T.V. And they can't let that happened. Therefore they right there decided to take action to come by themselves and told off these girls, Right? 

How dare they? 

Second thing they were so strongly wanted to tell the world was that these girls are not their relative and they don't know them at all. 

That is  why women education and freedom is so important. When families put restrictions on "their females" from doing what they want to do, then we get to see frustrated aunties. They have nothing to do in their lives. Meal is cooked, home is cleaned by maid, Children are OK. What else left to do?

Tu, tu mein mein..mera khandan, mera baap, mera bhi.

Those girls were openly saying on T.V that their grand father Kamal Sabri and late Amjed Sabri's father Mr. Fareed Sabri were real brothers, then Amjed Sabri and their father were/are cousins, so according to that relation they are right that they are Amjed Sabri's niece and he was his uncle.

For her information, the relation the girls were telling, makes them Sabri too and niece of Amjad Shb. 

How could this be a lie?

How could she doesn't even know them at all?

It was so obvious that it is their family beef. They have some serious issue with Mr. Kamal Sabri  and his family, who biologically whether they like it or not happened to be  their uncle and his family  that they had to come on T.V show. 

It is okay. Lots of people don't get along well with uncles Cahaca and phopa aunts and their families. But that proud of Hamara Khandan Ghar ghar ki aurtein was so low class. Washing dirty laundry in public actually insulted late Amjad Shb. 

Sabri Brothers, Amjad sabri and all that are great qawali singers. Nothing less, nothing more. They are no prophets, that their name can't be used. Their women are also not from the family of some prophets. Those girls have every right to use the name Sabri. However, if sister and family of  Amjad Shb  don't want anyone to be referred anything related to him, then this should be considered, respected and taken seriously. 

I am sure the girls must have done tooba repentance of  giving any reference of being the niece of Amjad Sabri  anywhere from now on. 

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