Monday, July 24, 2017

A day at Fisheries, Karachi.

Danial Shah, invited me to join his class of photo documenting on  ship making at Fisheries/Karachi Fish Harbor last Friday. It was a wish coming true. My camera is with my brother's friend and he has taken it to Lahore for his assignment. At first, I thought I wouldn't be able to make it. Then, I asked my brother to give me his in compensation as it  is his friend who is having mine. First time he didn't grumble to lend his beloved thing. Only problem was that using someone's camera is never easy.  It was full frame and there was no auto. I was so psyched that I forgot asking to know its manual setting, and I have had picked up the camera after couple of months. I clicked in program mode mostly.

 I reached there after university by auto at around 11 am. We are having monsoon season here so weather is mostly over cast.

At Karachi Fisheries there is  fish selling at one side and there is ship making yard on another side. I started my walk from Fish selling spot.

Here I met two boys Salman_a Phaktun, and Raees_a Bangali. They were around 10 or 12 years old caps who got tagged with me till the end. It all happened without asking. They first though I am some Chinese lady. Maybe it was because of my height or attire.


After half an hour of walk and clicking, I finally found the yard and Mr. Shah with his students at the shipyard.

Oh boy, those giant wooden ships were something else. In that yard, around four hundred ships and boats of all types and sizes are being made from the starch. 

They are all wooden boats made by skilled and professional craftsmen and works, who are local and live nearby. They work on daily wages. It takes them 6 months to one year to make one boat.  

 Its total cost can go up from 50 hundred thousand rupees to million. 

 Despite being made by hands these  ships can be compared to any ship of this world. They are mostly for local customers and imported to Dubai, Saudia Arabia and Iran. Government should pay proper attention to this industry. 


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