Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Pretty little thing.

"My sex doll is so much better than my real wife." by Felix Allen, in The Sun tells us how Japanese men have taken the sex doll to another level. It is nothing like porn or prostitution to fulfill their sexual need. Their relationship with these silicon dolls are beyond physical. This is their true love.

Several Japanese men are living with them openly. Many of their families and friends have accepted it. After all this is their live. In a nut shell these men are actually done with real women all together. Dolls are better than the females is not what one man is saying. Every other men mentioned in that write up have same story to tell, almost.

They have gave up on their wives and girlfriends. One man said that Japanese women are cold hearted. These dolls are actually their ideal women to whom they can tell everything. They listen and understand. These dolls are easy to be with unlike real women.

All of them are saying that it is their beloved dolls who make them happy. They are there for them when they come back home from a long hectic day. They don't nag, don't tell them their problems and have no mood swing issues like real women. Taking a bath together, snuggle and watching T.V is all they want. Real women have failed to understand their needs and wants.

They are not asking much, either, are they?

But what about being loved? How can these pretty dolls love them back?

All type of relations are somehow based on give and take. Real human wants to be loved, cared and respected in return.

It figures that these men are not interested in getting anything in return. Their emotional and physical needs are being fulfilled by these dolls. Relationships are difficult to maintain. Putting up with others good and bad, adjustments, negotiations and compromises is not everyone's cup of tea.

Having a relationship with dolls is real too. Only these men know what they go through in their real lives. Maybe their wives and girlfriends are really pathetic. Or maybe maintaining a real relationship is difficult for them. Or they are lonely. We have no idea. This write up is based on the account mentioned in the original article.

Well, whatever it is, these dolls give them physical, mental and emotional comfort. There are several women who are also happy with their dildos.

Each to their own.

To some extend, these dolls seem like every man's ideal woman. Correct me if I am all wrong, in the end of the day "most" men want someone pretty, little, dumb thing like these dolls, who welcome them with smile and open arms. Who only give them comfort, and pleasure. Who let them watch T.V. or whatever they want to do without bothering them. Who don't talk, don't answer them back, don't yell, don't ask them where they are going, when they will be back, who they are/were with, why they didn't text them back?

What she goes through all day long is none of their business, neither they want to listen it. They are already done with their own day. Therefore, they want mental and physical relaxation. Nags, grumbling and complains are deal breaker to men, isn't?

Am I wrong?

Japanese men took a proactive approach and decided to opt for dolls instead of making it an issue. 


  1. sad, i can think of no better word but sad. love is messy and difficult and more rewarding tham these men understand

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