Friday, August 11, 2017

The way she ruined him.

There is nothing noble in ruining anyone but I adored the way Minhail Aly ruined Mr. Badami. There is literally nothing left in him. I saw the glimpse of him the last Ramadan's transmission of ARY. Oh boy,  how confused, worried and guilty he was looking. To be honest, he is totally gone.

There is always an end to everything. I guess he took Ms. Aly for granted. Never underestimate an hot minded woman. Filtering is not a crime. People do have extra marital affairs all the time. He was playing over smart, tough. With a wife, kids and having an average looks what he was  thinking? 

We should be self aware. He could be oh lala for many but in reality he is very normal. Neither he is good player that is why he got caught. I am sure he must  have learned his lesson. 

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